Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Home Sweet Home

      After a great three weeks at home, I am finally back at GW! However, I'm no different from any other college student in thinking that returning to school is always bittersweet. I find myself loving D.C. more with each semester that I attend school here, but there are definitely a few things I look forward to when I am back in New Jersey. And while my break consisted of more Netflix and pizza than I'd like to admit, here are some highlights of things that made me happy during my time at home:

My mom and I spent a day walking through the Lower West Side, including a stop at Chelsea Market so I could grab some new rings, a walk through NYU's campus, and our first time exploring the High Line.
{chalk art on the wall of a building in the Meatpacking District, also featured here
{the Washington Square Arch}
{daily reminder that the struggle is indeed real}  
 {views from the High Line}
 {steps leading up to the High Line}
 {holiday lights up in Chelsea Market}

Perks of being home: waking up to a transformed backyard outside my bedroom window. 
 {snow-covered vines on our shed}

This Christmas I also made sure to buy presents for myself, including string lights I've had my eye on for months, some amazing Anthropologie candles, new journals, and some other goodies.
{candles from Anthropologie that I'm currently obsessed with, also featured here}
 {string lights for my room}
 {new books to record 2015}

Now that I'm back to a steady routine of drinking too much Starbucks and avoiding the library at all costs, it's nice to look back on these pictures. They not only remind me of how much the little things really matter, but they also push me to appreciate more of my everyday life at school.

I'd love to know, what did your holiday break look like?
~ V