Friday, August 22, 2014

Alana’s Top 5: Back-To-School Shopping

c/o Google

I really, really, REALLY hate when magazines and catalogs advertise cable knit sweaters and riding boots in September. No. I go to school in Maryland, not Alaska. So, I’ve compiled a list of my top five wearable, trendy, won’t-make-you-sweat-bullets items for your first day back.

1. Overalls

c/o American Eagle

Jump on the overall train. I don’t care if the last time you wore them was when you were three in 1998. They’re the most comfortable, easiest things you will ever put on your body. Plus, they’re perfect for when you’re late for class and have no time to think about which jeans are dirty versus clean.

Roll up the bottoms and style with a topknot, white T-shirt and Keds/Chelsea boots.

2. Comfortable Day-to-Night Pants

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I just bought a pair of DKNY black silk drawstring pants for about $30.00 in Marshalls. They’re practically PJs, but aren’t. So not only are they the most comfortable pants in my wardrobe, but they’re also incredibly versatile; these are pants for airports, job interviews, a more dressed up day at class, etc. They’re awesome and you need a pair. If you’re feeling trendier, I would buy into the dressy sweatpants trend, particularly ones with stripes going up the sides to create a tall, slimming effect.

If you go the sporty route, wear with a front tucked graphic T-shirt, fashion baseball cap and white "normcore" sneakers.

3. Waterproof Backpack

c/o Urban Outfitters

I have officially made the switch from purses to backpacks, and it’s because of my waterproof backpack. They’re modern looking; they come in bold, fun colors; and they’re lightweight. Oh, and none of your crap gets wet. What more can you ask for when you get caught in the rain and have to run across campus to your next class?

While bright pinks and reds are fun, make sure to pick a color that won’t bleed on your valuables when wet.

4. Patterned Sneaks

c/o Vans

Patterned sneaks are the way to go. They’re fun and jazz up any outfit. Plus, mixing prints is a thing now. Patterned sneaks will make you look daring and unique fashion-wise without having to put much thought into your outfits.

Get some in an animal print so that they're easy to pair with a variety of things in your wardrobe.

5. Square Neck Tops

c/o Etsy

Definitely a win-win for both trendsetters and those who strive for comfort. This ’90s trend is made a slight comeback this past summer, but it’s really perfect for beating the early September heat. It’s got an awesome shape for showing off your tan shoulders and it won’t make you sweat due to its awesome design. It’s basically an off-the-beaten-path tank top: ideal for the Indian summer to come.

Buy it in a darker color, especially black if you can; you’ll look like you’re buying into the fall color scheme even though it’s a late-summer trend.


What will you wear on the first day back? Fire away in the comments!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Oddball Comedy Festival Experience

      Alana and I recently attended the Oddball Comedy Festival (previously mentioned here) as a sort of fun way to end our summer together and see some truly great comedians live. We didn't have the greatest seats, but I really had a great time getting to see live comedy with one of my best friends.

{Stacked lineup}
      The festival had a truly great lineup, but Sarah Silverman was easily my favorite act of the night. She was hilarious, clever, and witty. At one point she even jumped off stage and sat on the laps of two audience members, which I thought was so funny.

{Italian ice}
   Have you seen any great comedians this summer? Let us know!
~ V

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Tips to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

      This summer really flew by for me. With trips around the world to see friends and family, an internship, and a job, this has been my busiest and best summer yet. I have about a week left before I move back to school and start making my new dorm room feel more like home. Luckily, I have three amazing roommates, all with great ideas and excellent taste so I know that our room this year will be great. Here are some pointers we've implemented.
  1. Clean: Bring a vacuum cleaner to school with you. Dorm rooms can get pretty messy fast. A small vacuum cleaner (one that is easy to store and can fit in what is likely to be a very small, cramped space) is ideal for picking up stray crumbs and dust. While I may or may not be in any place to say this, it is also a good idea to put away any papers and fold or hang any clean clothes that you've decided not to wear. And please, clean any dirty dishes in a timely manner.
  2. Invest in good lighting: The harsh overhead lighting in the dorms made our freshman room cold and dreary, but the lamps and string lights my roommates and I added made it feel ambient and more welcoming. 
  3. Make your bed comfy: Mattress toppers make such a big difference. My mattress was extremely uncomfortable at first, but after I added one mattress topper and then another, my bed at home had some serious competition.
  4. Get 3M Command Strips: I use these to hang up posters, necklaces, string lights, postcards, and photos. They don’t damage the dorm walls in any way, which is ideal, and they allow you to personalize your space. This is probably my number one purchase for my dorm room.
  5. Get an iPod dock or speakers: This will come in handy when friends come over and your iPhone isn’t loud enough to blast music from. (Also great for when you want to passive-aggressively bother your rude neighbors.)
  6. Use fresh flowers: My roommates and I only did this a few times our freshman year, but I plan on buying flowers much more this year. I love that flowers can add some life to a dull room. I also associate flowers with special events — birthdays, graduations, etc. — and buying them just for fun is actually even better.
  7. Build a relationship with your roommates: Unless you live in a single dorm room, you have roommates, people with whom you share what is probably a fairly small space. I have been so fortunate to live with people I can call my friends, and this really makes coming back to the room so great. I have people with whom I can share details about my day, watch TV, or grab a meal. While you certainly don't have to be close friends with your roommates, building some sort of relationship allows your dorm to be a more pleasant environment to live in.
     If you are a student looking for visual inspiration for your dorm room, check out this tumblr. You can even check to see if they have submissions from your universityI can't wait to show you my room once we've all settled in. Expect a post on our decorated dorm in the next few weeks! :) 

~ V

Top 5: Electronica/Synth Music

I’ve been on an electronica/synth kick lately. It’s best for blasting in the car at night on your way home. Here are my Top 5 picks this week:

1. Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U) – Grimes

I’ve been loving Grimes all summer. I discovered her on my own in 2012, but never truly listened to her until this year. Her voice can take some getting used to at first, but the beauty of her music lies within the way she blends her vocals, lyrics and beats together. She’s a modern impressionist of music – her music evokes an immediate feeling, and is fairly undefined upon a first listening, but undeniably mysterious and gorgeous.

2. Behind The Wheel – Depeche Mode

A classic ‘80s new wave anthem, “Behind The Wheel” is addictive, catchy and existential. What I get out of this song is a sense of wishing you could take the backseat in your own life, but knowing that it’s rather hard to do that most of the time. With lyrics like, “There are times when I feel/I'd rather not be/The one behind the wheel,” and “I prefer you behind the wheel/And me the passenger,” I think my reading is fair. Point is, we’ve all been there in our lives. Besides, I’d rather lose myself in this song’s long intro than think about all I have to do to prepare for move-in day in 2 weeks.

Side Note: The Beatmasters mix of the same song is featured in this clip for White Bird In A Blizzard, out this September starring Shailene Woodley and Eva Green.

3. Say My Name – Holy Ghost!

I know next to nothing about this band except that I’m supposed to be seeing them Thursday night. This is the only song on my iPod by them, but it’s still awesome and catchy in a new wave way. Maybe they’re part of a new new wave? Either way, Holy Ghost! is definitely worth a listen if you love modern throwback music. They fit in with new wave music without ripping it off.

4. Back In The Tall Grass – Future Islands

I love this band to death. The lead singer Sam Herring is a dynamic performer. The lyrics of this song are poetic, and the images of woods, salmon and heat make it the perfect song to blast on the way to a spontaneous end-of-summer camping trip. For me, its quick, sharp intro also captures that adrenaline rush you get when you’re trying to fit in all the things you wanted to do with your summer a week before it ends.

Side Note: Future Islands’ label, 4AD, has also signed Grimes and tons of great synth bands in the past, like Modern English and the Cocteau Twins.

5. Your Silent Face – New Order

Forever a new wave classic, “Your Silent Face” is essential to any synth playlist. Its title makes me sad, but also makes me think. It’s so vague, and the music itself doesn’t feel like it has a positive or negative connotation to it. It’s an anthem for those in transit, or don’t know how they’re feeling. Overall, New Order lets you decide how to emote – they just compose the score as you figure it all out.

[All videos are courtesy of Youtube.]

Which electronica and synth bands and artists are in your Top 5 this week? Comment below!

A Reminder: This Too Shall Pass

I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me before I leave for school, you’re a wreck. You can’t sleep. You hit up all of your favorite hometown restaurants and eat everything in sight. You drink tea like it’s going out of style to calm your nerves. Even looking at your calendar gives you anxiety. But most of all, you just don’t want to leave home or return to the grind of college, no matter how fun you know it’ll be when you finally get there and get settled again.

I can imagine it’s even more daunting for freshmen; I was there last year, when all of this craziness was magnified 100 times. On top of that, I was in denial that I would even have to leave my hometown; it just wasn’t something I was quite ready to let go, even though it had been driving me crazy since mid-July. I’m starting to think it’s something I’ll never be ready for as my anxiety arises once more.

Now I’m not going to say that I have any cures for SNS (Summer Nesting Syndrome), but I’m not writing this post to suggest cures. I’m not sure if there are any out there. However, I am writing this post to reassure incoming freshmen, fellow stressed-out students and myself of one thing: this too shall pass.

If there’s any motto that you should have for this time of year, as well as your academic year, it’s this. Always remember that tough or stressful times aren’t permanent. Fears such as uprooting your life, leaving your hometown or making new friends will eventually be overcome. It may not be this year, it may not be next year, it may not be within your entire college career, but someday, they won’t be fears or sources of stress anymore.

The same goes for your academic pursuits. That essay due Tuesday will eventually get done. It has to, even if you’re up all night Monday writing it. And then, after twelve hours of torture, you’ll be done. By next week, you’ll never have to think about that paper again – the time to stress over it has passed. It’s not even worth sweating in the fast-paced academic environment of college because you won’t have to worry about most assignments for more than a week or two.

It may be tough to see that light at the end of the tunnel sometimes – especially in the midst of a big change like leaving home for the first time – but take comfort in knowing one is there. Embrace that knowledge, and face change as positively and healthfully as you can. It’ll always be daunting, but not for too long.

And if all else fails, I highly suggest listening to some mellow tunes, starting with this carefree, feel-good ditty by Bombay Bicycle Club or Michael Cera’s new lo-fi album, if you're feeling something more relevant.

- A

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Saturday!

    Today officially marks our first full week of posting! We're truly excited to share this moment with you, and looking forward to more milestones to come. We're both so grateful for the support we've gotten from friends, family, and even strangers. Thank you so much for reading our blog, and have a great weekend everyone!
~A & V

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


      Without a doubt, my favorite part of our two-week Europe trip was our time spent in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, my family and I were only able to spend a day in the city, but luckily, this day served as a preview for what will hopefully be my study abroad experience next summer! 
      My family and I woke up early for the drive from Antwerp, Belgium to Amsterdam, and the first thing we did after parking was to wait in the line for the Anne Frank House. A visit to the restored building where the Frank family stayed in hiding is something I believe everyone should do during their time in this city. I read the Diary of Anne Frank when I was ten, and I've been keeping a journal myself ever since. While reading my own old journals causes me to question why anyone has ever chosen to be my friend, I can honestly say that reading Anne's has had a deep impact on my life. I am amazed at her spirit and kindness and her attitude towards mankind, and to be able to see the setting of where it all took place is something I am so grateful for. For me, the most moving part of my visit to the Anne Frank House was a video of her father, Otto Frank, discussing what it was like to find this journal after he had lost his entire family at Auschwitz, for him to explain how incredulous he was at the complexity of his daughter's thoughts and at how hard she was on herself. I cannot recommend a visit to the house enough, and while no photography is allowed within the building, here is a view from the outside:
      After the visit to the Anne Frank House, I quickly purchased a postcard and grabbed lunch at a cafĂ© overlooking a canal. 
My aunt ordered paninis from my brother, cousin, and I and I can honestly say that this was the best panini I have ever had. I also made a point to order some Dutch pancakes, which were delicious as well:

      We walked around for a bit and took some pictures of the canals:

      I also visited the Van Gogh Museum, which I absolutely loved. I grabbed a couple postcards, which now serve as the perfect addition to my freshly-painted room. Next, we headed toward Noordemarkt, which is a sort of outdoor flea market. I didn't find anything for myself, but my dad grabbed some pretty good Dutch cheese.
       We ended our trip to the Netherlands with a visit to Zaanse Schans, an area of old windmills and houses just outside the city. Something I loved about Amsterdam is that unlike many other cities, it has the perfect balance of city-life and nature. I loved the canals and the fact that so many people use bicycles to get around. I absolutely love the culture and overall feel of the city, and I love that Zaanse Schans offers a view of country life just a short distance away form the city.
       Did I miss anything I need to see during what will hopefully be my next summer abroad? Please let me know!
~ V

All pictures taken by Virali. Please ask permission before using.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Surviving The Bro Pad

I’ve learned a lot about getting used to uncomfortable living situations in my first year of college, but a few weekends ago, I tackled something no person should ever have to face: the bro pad.

Urban Dictionary defines it as a “house that bros live in,” but really, it’s the tenth secret circle of hell that was so disgustingly horrible even Dante himself couldn’t bring himself to discuss it in The Inferno. And yet, at some point in all of our lives, there comes a time when the only space available to crash is the bro pad, whether that’s your friend’s, significant other’s or some semi-creepy friend of a friend’s place. 

So, in order to pass on the wisdom I’ve gained from 1.5 nights I’d rather not recall, here are some tips for surviving your weekend at the bro pad.

1. Keep Yourself Organized

Things can easily get lost in the bro pad. That’s because the rotten pizza under the bed finally became sentient, grew tentacles and decided to mess with you, the house guest. So if you, like me, are a messy person, it’s best for you to just stay organized. Pick up some mini traveling containers at your local Face Values (you can even label your things if you’re that Type A). Also, purchase a handy dandy toiletries organizer that you can easily store in your suitcase/duffel bag. It’s a godsend for when you’re taking a shower there – bonus points if it easily hangs on a towel rack. 

As far as clothes and shoes go, just don’t take too many. If you forget something at the bro pad, it’s gone forever. This is not the place to bring your brand new open-toe Birkenstocks. Not to mention you’ll probably cut your trip short because of how unbearably unsanitary the place is.

2. Bring Shower Shoes

You may be staying at a house/apartment, but think of the showering situation as communal. Unless you ask in advance, you don’t know how many guys there are to a bathroom until you get there. And sometimes, even one guy to one bathroom is a lot to handle. Just bring the shower shoes. If you don’t own shower shoes, bring flip-flops. They’re light and don’t take up a lot of room in your bag. Plus, you don’t know the last time the floors in the bro pad were vacuumed/cleaned. Your feet will thank you later. NEVER DOUBT THE IMPORTANCE OF SHOWER SHOES.

3. Use The Least Dirty Places To Your Advantage

You may be used to drying your hair in the bathroom, but really, all you need is an outlet to do that. Considering the fact that bro bathrooms are the usually the bro pad’s worst/scariest place, find a different area to do your hair. You may look ridiculous drying your hair in the living room, but it’s probably better than doing it by a toilet that emits poisonous odors. 

The same goes for any other activities you’ll have to do in the bro pad, especially those involving getting ready. Getting ready in the bro pad is hands-down the hardest part of surviving it, especially if you’re a girl. Therefore, if you can minimize the difficulty in any way possible, it will speed up your getting-ready time and make you feel more comfortable.

4. Escape Whenever You Can

You don’t have to stay at the bro pad 24/7. Leave it. Get out of that treacherous place. Do something in the area, even if you’re just walking around aimlessly enjoying the sites around you. Make your trip about you to a certain degree. If you can find self-satisfaction during your stay, you won’t feel like it was a total waste of your time staying in that hell-hole. 

This will also help you curb your inner Snow White from coming out. It’s not your responsibility to clean or reorganize the bro pad. In fact, the bro you’re staying with might hate you if you do that, even if it’s an improvement in your eyes. Honestly, if the bro is old enough to have his own place, he should also know how to take care of it by now, and the fact that he doesn’t just reinforces the fact that he is not quite a boy, but not quite a man either: he’s an inbetweener, a bro. 

5. Prepare For The Unexpected

This is especially important for the bro with housemates/roommates. They could be out for the weekend, but suddenly come back and arrive with friends who they said they could lend the couch YOU’RE sleeping on. This happens pretty often because bros don’t communicate very well. Infuriatingly enough, they call it being “lax” and “chill” as they all do shrooms and decide to watch The Magic School Bus together. At any rate, just be prepared to shower with more people in the house or be more respectful toward them if you’re planning to stay again. You only have two options; you can find a way out of the bro pad or be flexible and deal with the change in plans. It may involve you sleeping on the floor or cutting your plans short – either way, you should be prepared with extra blankets or the adequate cash to get you out.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Open Your Mouth

Chances are the bro you’re staying with probably knows his place is barely suitable for human life, but ignores this fact because he is too lazy to spiff up his pad. Thus, you have every right to open your mouth about how dirty it is or how uncomfortable you are. It serves him right for inviting you to crash without giving you a fair warning. And even if you invited yourself over, it still serves him right for not warning you beforehand. Had you known how much of a disaster zone his place was, maybe you could have made plans to stay with a less bro-ish friend, maybe the one with a compulsive need to clean.  

However, don’t forget you should still be smart about this one. If you know the bro you’re crashing with is sensitive about this kind of stuff, or you feel uncomfortable opening your mouth when he is generous enough to take you in, it might be best to keep your mouth shut. But, I still wouldn’t be afraid to phrase things nicely if your situation is really, REALLY bad; by opening your mouth, perhaps your host can make his place more hospitable and comfortable for you. 

7. But…

On the flip side, if you feel super uncomfortable staying there, don’t feel bad about leaving early. He should understand, and even if he doesn’t, it’s not worth enduring the bro pad any longer. You’ll be safer, happier and healthier shelling out some extra cash at a hotel or staying at an acquaintance’s place than you would staying at the bro pad your whole time in town. 


Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Comedians I'm Listening to Right Now

I’ve really become a huge fan of comedy these past few years, and often find myself looking at books, movies, and television shows that reflect this interest. I took a writing course last year that focused on the topic of humor studies and examined comedy from an academic standpoint. This class gave me a new lens to appreciate that which I already enjoyed and opened a new world to explore. Since then, I’ve found myself reading books that can teach me even more about comedy and humor and I’ve also been looking into countless stand-up comedians that inspire me, force me to think, and of course make me laugh. Here are five that I admire and enjoy, and if you haven’t already, I recommend you check them out:

  1. Wyatt Cenac: He makes fun of people who don’t like TV. So thank you to him, because really, someone had to say it. His comedy often pokes fun at issues like racism and voter apathy, and it’s simultaneously eye-opening and hilarious. Check him out on Spotify or YouTube and be sure to watch or listen to his bit about cat videos.
  2. Sarah Silverman: I almost feel silly including Sarah Silverman on this list because of how incredibly well-known she is, but I think she rocks so much that I just had to share what I love about her. Silverman makes a point to discuss issues relevant to people of today both on and off the stage. Her comedy really speaks for itself, but I can’t help but admire her as a person as well. She's not afraid to be crude or to offend, and that's why she really has such a wide array of influential comedy. I really do think of her as so significant to the industry, especially for women, and I respect her for what she does. She’s performing as part of the Oddball Comedy Festival and I am insanely excited to see her. 
  3. Demetri Martin: He’s never unnecessarily crude or insulting and he has jokes that are insanely witty and clever in so many different ways. There have been times when I’ve had to pause the routine I was listening to and wait for myself to finish laughing. Really, do yourself a favor and listen to his standup on Spotify on your commute to work today. You won’t regret it. He's also a part of the Oddball Comedy Festival, but unfortunately he won't be performing at any dates on the East Coast.
  4. Jenny Slate: She played the annoying Mona-Lisa on Parks and Recreation and she was on Saturday Night Live for a short period of time, and although she was great in both, I really liked her most in Obvious Child. She was humorous while managing to convey the complexity of her character’s dilemma perfectly, and funny enough, her character actually played a stand-up comedian. Fun fact: She was also a part of Martin’s show Important Things With Demetri Martin.
  5. Mitch Hedberg: He has a great way of saying his jokes that just adds a new dimension of humor. His jokes are often remarkable in their simplicity and astute cleverness. You should check him out on Spotify, too.
~ V

Thursday, August 7, 2014


  I’ve been extremely  fortunate this summer. My break from school has been filled with trips to eight different countries and fifteen different cities, allowing this summer to be the best I’ve had yet. This summer of travel included a trip to Europe with my family that began with four days in London. I am so excited to share these few highlights of my time in England and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!
  My favorite part of our time in London was our visit to the Tate Modern, which is now one of my favorite museums. And as a very serious foodie, I definitely appreciated the delicious meal my family and I had at the Pheasant Inn near Heathrow Airport and the great bubble tea we were able to grab in Chinatown. My parents also definitely enjoyed a cruise we took along the Thames River, from which we got to see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, and the Shakespeare Globe Theatre. Here are some pictures from our trip!

{Trafalgar Square as seen from the steps of the National Gallery}

{Bookshop near Covent Garden}

{Ceiling inside the British Museum, where my brother and I got to see the Rosetta Stone just before closing}

{Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, as seen from our river cruise}

{Flowers from our walk through Hyde Park from Buckingham Palace to Kensington Palace}

{The London Eye}

      We definitely enjoyed our stay in London, but next time I hope to explore more of England. More pictures from my trip to Europe are available on my Instagram (@virali). Thanks for reading!
~ V

All pictures taken by Virali. Please ask for permission before using.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Welcome to One More Saturday!

      Life is equally a dirge and a pop song. This even applies to Saturdays, which are hands-down the best days of the week. Even when they suck, you still find yourself inherently comforting yourself by saying, “At least it’s Saturday,” and looking forward to the next one as hopefully better.
      With that in mind, welcome to One More Saturday! We are two girls from New Jersey attending college in College Park, M.D. and Washington, D.C. who would like to share our humor, thoughts, inspirations and experiences with you and have a bit of fun along the way as well!
      To explain a little bit about our blog’s name, “one more Saturday” is a line from one of our favorite songs, “Australia” by The Shins. In it, frontman James Mercer sings, “all you want’s one more Saturday,” a line the two of us have found to be very relevant in our own lives.
      There are times when we wish we could extend the magic of a stellar Saturday, one that is all too fleeting. At the same time, a life spent waiting for the weekend isn’t nearly as exciting as one in which all the good moments are acknowledged and appreciated. So here at One More Saturday, we strive to shine light on the small things that make us smile and enjoy life as though every day is Saturday. This includes, but is by no means limited to: 
  • Delicious food we eat 
  • Restaurants we haunt
  • Movies that touch us
  • Music we can’t get out of our heads
  • Outfits that are not necessarily always fashionable, but can always be worn on that one extra Saturday
  • The insanely striking, thought-provoking people that come in and out of our daily lives (because there is always a story to be discovered and recounted)
      One More Saturday will also publish posts that reflect the not-so-great – the Saturdays gone wrong that we’ve all had and wish we could forget. Life can be banal, depressing and insufferable; not every Saturday is filled with laughter, smiles and fun. Then again, not every Saturday needs to be. Thus, we will also capture this flip side of Saturdays; the struggles and musings of college students, whose problems are faced both in the U.S. and internationally. We will try to make you think, laugh and smile as we share our thoughts, words and pictures and we hope you too strive to live your life as though you were born to do more than gaze into night skies, live as though you’re not merely damned to pine through windowpanes, and remember that you’ve got one more Saturday.
      On a side note, check out The Shins’ video for “Australia” and take pleasure in their carefree antics as we do. :)
~ A & V