Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Comedians I'm Listening to Right Now

I’ve really become a huge fan of comedy these past few years, and often find myself looking at books, movies, and television shows that reflect this interest. I took a writing course last year that focused on the topic of humor studies and examined comedy from an academic standpoint. This class gave me a new lens to appreciate that which I already enjoyed and opened a new world to explore. Since then, I’ve found myself reading books that can teach me even more about comedy and humor and I’ve also been looking into countless stand-up comedians that inspire me, force me to think, and of course make me laugh. Here are five that I admire and enjoy, and if you haven’t already, I recommend you check them out:

  1. Wyatt Cenac: He makes fun of people who don’t like TV. So thank you to him, because really, someone had to say it. His comedy often pokes fun at issues like racism and voter apathy, and it’s simultaneously eye-opening and hilarious. Check him out on Spotify or YouTube and be sure to watch or listen to his bit about cat videos.
  2. Sarah Silverman: I almost feel silly including Sarah Silverman on this list because of how incredibly well-known she is, but I think she rocks so much that I just had to share what I love about her. Silverman makes a point to discuss issues relevant to people of today both on and off the stage. Her comedy really speaks for itself, but I can’t help but admire her as a person as well. She's not afraid to be crude or to offend, and that's why she really has such a wide array of influential comedy. I really do think of her as so significant to the industry, especially for women, and I respect her for what she does. She’s performing as part of the Oddball Comedy Festival and I am insanely excited to see her. 
  3. Demetri Martin: He’s never unnecessarily crude or insulting and he has jokes that are insanely witty and clever in so many different ways. There have been times when I’ve had to pause the routine I was listening to and wait for myself to finish laughing. Really, do yourself a favor and listen to his standup on Spotify on your commute to work today. You won’t regret it. He's also a part of the Oddball Comedy Festival, but unfortunately he won't be performing at any dates on the East Coast.
  4. Jenny Slate: She played the annoying Mona-Lisa on Parks and Recreation and she was on Saturday Night Live for a short period of time, and although she was great in both, I really liked her most in Obvious Child. She was humorous while managing to convey the complexity of her character’s dilemma perfectly, and funny enough, her character actually played a stand-up comedian. Fun fact: She was also a part of Martin’s show Important Things With Demetri Martin.
  5. Mitch Hedberg: He has a great way of saying his jokes that just adds a new dimension of humor. His jokes are often remarkable in their simplicity and astute cleverness. You should check him out on Spotify, too.
~ V

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