Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Welcome to One More Saturday!

      Life is equally a dirge and a pop song. This even applies to Saturdays, which are hands-down the best days of the week. Even when they suck, you still find yourself inherently comforting yourself by saying, “At least it’s Saturday,” and looking forward to the next one as hopefully better.
      With that in mind, welcome to One More Saturday! We are two girls from New Jersey attending college in College Park, M.D. and Washington, D.C. who would like to share our humor, thoughts, inspirations and experiences with you and have a bit of fun along the way as well!
      To explain a little bit about our blog’s name, “one more Saturday” is a line from one of our favorite songs, “Australia” by The Shins. In it, frontman James Mercer sings, “all you want’s one more Saturday,” a line the two of us have found to be very relevant in our own lives.
      There are times when we wish we could extend the magic of a stellar Saturday, one that is all too fleeting. At the same time, a life spent waiting for the weekend isn’t nearly as exciting as one in which all the good moments are acknowledged and appreciated. So here at One More Saturday, we strive to shine light on the small things that make us smile and enjoy life as though every day is Saturday. This includes, but is by no means limited to: 
  • Delicious food we eat 
  • Restaurants we haunt
  • Movies that touch us
  • Music we can’t get out of our heads
  • Outfits that are not necessarily always fashionable, but can always be worn on that one extra Saturday
  • The insanely striking, thought-provoking people that come in and out of our daily lives (because there is always a story to be discovered and recounted)
      One More Saturday will also publish posts that reflect the not-so-great – the Saturdays gone wrong that we’ve all had and wish we could forget. Life can be banal, depressing and insufferable; not every Saturday is filled with laughter, smiles and fun. Then again, not every Saturday needs to be. Thus, we will also capture this flip side of Saturdays; the struggles and musings of college students, whose problems are faced both in the U.S. and internationally. We will try to make you think, laugh and smile as we share our thoughts, words and pictures and we hope you too strive to live your life as though you were born to do more than gaze into night skies, live as though you’re not merely damned to pine through windowpanes, and remember that you’ve got one more Saturday.
      On a side note, check out The Shins’ video for “Australia” and take pleasure in their carefree antics as we do. :)
~ A & V

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