Friday, April 10, 2015

Love letter to the blogosphere

      Looking back, starting a blog eight months ago seems like a natural progression. I was a big part of my high school newspaper and after that ended, I had missed writing in all its forms throughout my freshman year of college. I am so grateful for that hiatus, though, because it’s what pushed me to take that Creative Writing class last fall, which then propelled me to pursue my degree in English and Creative Writing with a minor in Film Studies and hopefully a future career in television writing. It’s what reminded me that writing has become a part of who I am, and it’s what pushed me to begin this blog with my fellow writer and friend Alana.

      But even beyond the immense joys (and struggles) of starting your own blog, something that I’ve found myself appreciating more and more about the digital age and the blogosphere is the ability to find other blogs and bloggers that I connect with and feel inspired by.

      I’ve written before on the blog about how much I love and admire Emily Schuman’s Cupcakes and Cashmere and Kate Arends’ Wit and Delight (I'll be forever envious that I didn't think of that name first!). Reading these blogs, along with so many others, makes me feel like I am connecting with a mentor even if this interaction is fully unidirectional. Through these blogs and the brilliant, fearless minds behind them, I find support and advice regarding matters ranging from the concerns that daunt me dailymy career and the future in generalto the relatively trivial matterswhat sort of suitcase to buy, how to perfect my skincare routine, where I'm going to grab lunch if and when I go to Prague.

      I am forever grateful to have a support system of amazing family and friends, but sometimes I wish I had an older sister to provide me with the basis of wisdom, advice, and compassionate understanding I hope to create for my younger brother. But when I find these blogs of people who are so willing to share advice and compassion and camaraderie with their readers, I feel like I've found the sort of comfort I need. The blogs I follow often remind me that my career is not (and should not) be the sole focus of my life and that things always have a way of working out.

      I can only hope to provide that same connection, outlet, and reassurance for other readers through One More Saturday.
Thanks for reading!

~ V

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