Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Arrived in Spain!

{downtown, Paracuellos de Jarama}

I'm in Spain. I've slept about 10 of the past 72 hours, but who cares because I'm in Spain. Caffeine is definitely helping me through the sleepless overnight eight-hour flight and the jet-lagged period that followed, but honestly I think I'm pretty much running on sheer excitement at this point.

I'm in Spain you guys. Holy. Shit. I couldn't be more excited or grateful or appreciative of everything that's allowed this to happen. I don't care that my brain is fuzzy from sleep deprivation or that it's so incredibly hot here or anything. It's beautiful and I'm here so who cares, right?

During the few weeks leading up to this trip, I got pretty nervous and anxious. I don't think there was anything specific I was worried about, but it all felt so daunting. But then on the drive to the airport, my mom asked me if I was nervous and I automatically replied, "Nope," and as I said it, I realized it was true. And now here I am, excited as can be. This is actually happening and it's already awesome.

Thus far, I've played a lot of fútbol with my host brother, made him a mediocre-at-best drawing that he thought was so good that he called me a professional, and ran errands around town. Nothing glamorous so far, but honestly at this point it's not too hard to make me happy.

I just sneezed and actually thought the words, "Oh my god, I just sneezed in Spain." 

Stay tuned for a time when I've settled down a bit and start to do fun things!

~ V

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