Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Come with me to Oviedo

{view from Santa María del Naranco}
When I first decided I was going to Spain, I knew I wanted to visit Oviedo. I've seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona way too many times to not make a trip to the city Juan Antonio invites Vicky and Cristina to promptly after first meeting them. Likewise, "Oviedo" by Blind Pilot is one of my favorite songs, and I listened to it on repeat the entire weekend. Of the three cities Mette and I visited, Oviedo was possibly the one I was most excited to see. 
We started our trip to Oviedo by catching a bus from León after a ridiculously good breakfast of café con leche and a red velvet muffin at the Tea Te Café. The drive between the cities was incredibly beautiful; the land is very mountainous so for an hour and half, we saw all these mountains surrounded by lakes and quaint little houses on hills.
{view from the bus}
After arriving in Oviedo, we checked into our hotel and began our walk around the city. After a couple hours of exploring the center, we took a bus about three kilometers away to see two historical monuments: San Miguel del Lillo and Santa María del Naranco, which Juan Antonio and Vicky visit in the film. On our tour between the first and second churches, it began pouring and Mette and I got absolutely soaked. It was significantly colder that weekend, especially in the north, and Carlos, a kind man from Barcelona who was also on our tour group, offered us a ride back to the city.
{looking derpy outside Santa María del Naranco}

{San Miguel de Lillo}
{Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias}
{pouring cider}
{dinner: patatas tres salsas y sidre}
Mette and I changed into warm and dry clothing back at our hotel, and headed off to dinner. Mette's host mom had told us to try the cider in Oviedo, so we headed to a sidrería for dinner. Overall, Oviedo was probably my least favorite of the three cities we visited, since it didn't have all the charm of León or a location by the sea like Gijón, but I'm still very glad we went. Here are some more photos from our trip:
{Catedral de San Salvador}
{fountain across Catedral de San Salvador}
{Catedral de San Salvador}
{inside Santa María del Naranco}
{fountain in the city center}
{walking across town}
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